New England Rain Jacket - Men's Sizes

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Price: $74.00

New England Rain Jacket - Ladies

Item Code: 1500231
Price: $74.00

USPS Guide - How to Fly Flags (All New 2nd Edition)

Item Code: 0188129
Price: $8.00

Engine Maintenance

Item Code: 0175108
Price: $95.00

ARRL General Class License Manual 8th Edition

Item Code: 0188103
Price: $12.50

Cruising and Cruise Planning

Item Code: 0193110
Price: $95.00

ABC Tri Fold w/Reply mailer

Item Code: 0973135
Price:  Free!

PC-Planner Basic Kit

Item Code: 0655146
Price: $149.00
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NT+ Series Wide coverage areas

Item Code: 0655140
Price: $199.00
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Low Profile Cap

Item Code: 0555690
Price: $12.00

PC-Planner Kit & Memory Card

Item Code: 0655147
Price: $179.00
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Tervis Tumbler Handle for 16oz. Tumbler

Item Code: 0555051
Price: $6.50

ARRL Ham Radio License Manual (3rd Edition)

Item Code: 0188112
Price: $25.90

NT+ Series Bathy/Contour Fishing charts

Item Code: 0655142
Price: $129.00
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Membership Pin

Item Code: 0555159
Price: $3.00

Small Boat Skills DVD

Item Code: 0726104
Price:  Free!


Item Code: 0368118
Price: $255.00

GPS for Mariners 2nd Edition

Item Code: 0187101
Price: $17.00

McMurdo FastFind Max-G™ PLB w/ GPS

Item Code: 0655162
Price: $408.00